Hair and Wisdom

Following the advice of Melissa Hemphill from BIRTHFIT Colorado, I used the "Living Life Forwards" exercise that we do in the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series regarding my postpartum hair.  You can see the Instagram post @birthfitnc.

It felt really great to do that, and I'm enjoying my new 'do!  But I got an interesting bit of wisdom when I talked to my dad the day after my haircut. 

Anyone who knew me growing up will know that my dad is pretty strict.  He was a football coach and teacher and then a principal before he retired, and any boundary that he set wasn't ever to be leaned on.  When the basketball team bleached their hair, my brother wasn't allowed to do so.  When I got my first tattoo in college, he didn't speak to me for over two weeks.  He has softened a bit over the years, but I wasn't expecting him to be too thrilled that I had pink and blonde hair, regardless of the fact that I'm 31. 

But when I told him about it, he said, "I saw that on Instagram.  It looks a lot lighter."  He was pretty nonchalant, so I wanted to make sure he knew that there was also pink in my hair (albeit relatively subtle), and that I was enjoying that.  (He was still nonplussed, which shows me how much he really has softened since my teenage years.)  Then he said something that really caught me off guard:

The difference between a bad haircut and a good one is about a week.

It hit me that he didn't have to be talking about hair at all: a little growth can change anything.