Mastitis Remedy

This may be the shortest blog I ever write, but I need an easy place to reference those who are looking for this info because I share it all of the time.

My wonderful doula Brittany Pietrzak shared this remedy with me, and it was invaluable to me during my first breastfeeding journey. I was able to go from full-blown mastitis to resolution within 24 hours using this remedy, and then was able to fend off mastitis another time altogether after just the initial symptoms began. I’ve shared this with patients and BIRTHFIT moms with great success.

The remedy can be combined with other remedies that you try, but I strongly encourage you to do this exactly as stated.

Combine 1/2-2/3c of epsom salts in 2c water; boil this together and then soak a washcloth or rag in it. Use tongs to retrieve the rag and let it cool in the air until it's basically still too hot to comfortably handle, but won't cause scalding of the skin. Then place it on the breast (specifically in the area of inflammation or known clog), place an additional rag or cloth over top of that so that baby's face isn't touching the hot rag, and then nurse. Repeat this with every nursing session, and most cases of mastitis or clogged ducts are cleared up within 24 hours.

If you're not nursing, do this while pumping, or if the mastitis comes up with weaning, I would say do this 3-6 times per day while actively massaging the clog towards your armpit (thereby encouraging lymphatic drainage rather than encouraging it to come out your nipple).

I also strongly recommend that both you and your baby get adjusted if you have mastitis or clogs beginning, as this can help the healing process. The infrared sauna can also be beneficial for helping the healing process speed up as well!