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BIRTHFIT Workshop at Elevate MMA

If you are considering pregnancy, are currently pregnant, or have ever given birth (or support a woman in any of these life stages), then you don't want to miss this event to discover what intentional training throughout the Motherhood Transition looks like.  

In a four hour workshop, you'll learn about the four pillars of BIRTHFIT, what effective training looks like, and an approach to preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that's unlike anything else.

We intend:

  • To provide you with resources, both through BIRTHFIT HQ and locally;
  • To introduce and discuss movement patterns & natural movement that will lay a foundation for recovery during the postpartum phase;
  • To instruct simple steps to implement BIRTHFIT principles into your training and lifestyle, as well as how BIRTHFIT can support you during this incredible time.  

The BIRTHFIT Workshop is ideal for women who are currently pregnant or are hoping to become pregnant soon, but is appropriate for any woman who is looking to improve herself and her health through movement and community.

Location: Elevate MMA
2945 S Miami Blvd
Suite #113
Durham, NC 27701

A workout is included in the course, so come prepared to learn, sweat, and connect!