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Teacups & Tissues

BIRTHFIT NC is once again hosting own members-only intentional cry circle: Teacups & Tissues! But this time we’re opening it up for some brunch and mingling beforehand provided by some of our very talented members - Juicekeys, Pod Cafe, and Mangata Birth & Botanics will be providing food and drinks for the “Teacups” portion (9-10am). If you’re a BIRTHFIT NC participant, you’re welcome to stay for the “Tissues” part!

Details about a cry circle: most of us tend to try really hard to “hold it all together” all of the time. But realistically, we need to let go and express our big emotions. The actual point of this event is to come together and let yourself express what you’ve been struggling with, air out what’s been bothering you, and let your guard down so that you can get the weight of the world off your shoulders.

Due to the sensitive nature of the event, everyone is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and the cry circle is only open to participants of BIRTHFIT NC classes.

Come cry with us!